Research Assistants

Lab Manager


Lab Manager
B.A., Hispanic Studies and Psychology
Columbia University, 2016

Nicole Delgadillo is a recent graduate from Columbia University with degrees in Hispanic Studies (speciality in Cuban Studies) and psychology. She worked as a research assistant for Professor Niall Bolger under Dr. Alexandra Suppes in the Columbia Couples Lab. Nicole is also a program coordinator with the Center for Justice at Columbia University.

Research Assistants


Research Assistant
B.A., Psychology
Columbia University, 2015

Marcos Rocha Jr. is a post-baccalaureate in the pre-medical program at Columbia University. He was previously a Sergeant in the United States Marine serving two combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here in the Social Relations Lab, Marcos is involved with the center for justice where he works on issues surrounding re-entry and recidivism.



Research Assistant
B.A., Film & Media Studies
Columbia University, 2022

Isaac Scott is a 6 year self-taught multi-media artist. He is also the sole founder of Isaac’s Quarterly, a fine art design/gift shop which was created to give a new light to “Feel Good Art.” Isaac is also the co-founder of Opportunities and change which facilitates solution drive projects such as The Confined Arts, Love Thyself First, and T.e.a.m. arts. His community goals are to provide opportunities for change and purposeful progression to the masses. Here at the lab, Isaac is working on a rejection sensitivity scale for people with criminal history backgrounds.

Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant
B.A., Religious Studies and Psychology
Oberlin College, 2013

Cal Brisbin is a graduate of Oberlin College and a current research assistant and teaching assistant at the Social Relations Lab and the Center for Justice at Columbia University. His research interests include status-based rejection sensitivity, self-regulation, cross-cultural psychology, and implicit bias.



Research Assistant
Bronx High School of Science, ’18

David is a junior at the Bronx High School of Science where he is a nationally-ranked public forum debater and participant in the Regeneron Social Science Research program. Through the Center for Justice, he works on research surrounding social factors contributing to racialized drug criminalization and incarceration. As an undergraduate, he plans to study psychology and political science.



Research Assistant
B.A., Human Rights
Columbia University, 2018

Leyla Martinez is a junior at Columbia School of General Studies pursuing a BA in Human Rights. She has successfully completed the Justice in Education Fellowship and was recently selected to be a Women’s Forum Education Fund Fellow. Leyla is also a Program Coordinator for the Beyond the Bars Fellowship, where students and community members are offered the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of mass incarceration while collaborating in planning the annual Beyond the Bars Conference. Leyla hopes that her education and experiences will properly prepare her to make changes to current policies in place that hinder the possibilities of the underrepresented.